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Proposed Changes

The Tulare County Regional Transit Agency (TCRTA) wants to hear from the public regarding the planned changes designed to enhance mobility, improving fare payment and rider experience. You can review the proposed changes to services and fares below. 

To facilitate public participation, TCRTA officials want to hear from you through the survey below or at a series of virtual outreach events (find out more here). Respondents are eligible to be randomly selected to win one of ten $15 gift cards.
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Expanding Microtransit Service

Currently available in Porterville (transPORT), TCRTA is planning to expand its microtransit service to: 
You can review the proposed service area map for each area and leave comments by clicking the town / area above.  
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Have you ever used Uber, Lyft, or an app to book a ride for travel? If you have, you’re already familiar with an on-demand or microtransit service. Instead of relying on fixed-route transit at fixed times, TCRTA's microtransit service, like transPORT in Porterville, allows you to request travel as-needed from TCRTA. If this service is available in your area, it will show up as an available vehicle when you open the Uber app.  TCRTA's microtransit service can take you anywhere within the zone – restaurants, shopping centers, movies, medical offices, and existing bus stops. You decide where you want to go – and when. Once you book a microtransit service, you will see a live map showing your pickup and drop-off locations along with the vehicle itself. This page also displays your estimated pickup time. You will receive notifications regarding the status of your trip. A notification will also be sent once the driver arrives at your location to alert you to meet your driver and vehicle.

What is Microtransit?

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